Sharing Your Results in 2013

As the year comes to a close, are you sharing with your donors and community members the results your United Way achieved in 2013?

United Way of San Luis Obispo County (San Luis Obispo, California) sent out an e-mail on Thanksgiving to let their donors and community members know they are grateful for their support and to inform them of the results they have achieved in 2013.

This e-mail is a great example of how you can thank your donors, while also communicating results. Consider using statistics, like United Way of San Luis Obispo County has done, and add some stories to communicate to donors and the community what has been accomplished in 2013. Donors will increase their contributions when they know the impact of their contributions, and community members will be more likely to give if they know the results your United Way is achieving in the community.

Send out a letter or an e-mail, post on Twitter or Facebook, or write a blog post about the results your United Way has achieved in 2013. Let your donors know you are grateful for them and show your community what can be accomplished with their contributions.

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