Understand My Community

The Challenges

Understanding the perceptions and beliefs of donors, as well as the needs of the community, is critical to every United Way’s success. While most United Ways have a basic understanding of their donors and the community, there are often near-invisible factors at work that influence everything from donors’ expectations, awareness of critical social issues, and perceptions of who receives United Way funding, to beliefs about United Way’s administrative costs and salaries. Increasing community support and tackling complex social issues is impossible without a deep understanding of donors and the community.

The Solution

To truly understand your donors and your community, you need to consider both its people and its needs. Understanding your donors means understanding their perceptions of United Way, the specific reasons why they contribute to your United Way, and what information they need you to communicate to them. Understanding your community as a whole means having the complete picture of local needs, what services are available to meet those needs, and how your United Way can fund, convene, or lead the efforts of community organizations to fill the gaps.

Whether you want to understand your community to attract more donors to your organization or because you want to better meet the needs of your community, we’re here to help.  

Next Steps

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Our webinars cover a variety of topics, including research about what your donors expect from your United Way, what your donors want to hear from your United Way, and how to connect with your next generation of donors.

Donor & Community Research
Our research can help you understand not only the perceptions and beliefs of your donors and community members, but also the critical needs in your community.

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