Testimonials 8

"The process they use is so efficient that our board members were blown away by what we've been able to accomplish in a short amount of time. It's well worth the money to bring in the experts. Had I known about Perspectives before, I would have started this process sooner."

- Shane Orr, Executive Director of United Way of Muscatine

Testimonial 7

"We are thrilled with the ‘single issue’ focus on financial stability; we got there with help from Perspectives, a great consulting firm. They not only led our board through the entire strategic planning process, but their ongoing technical assistance has been extremely helpful with all our efforts." 

- Ken Toll, President/CEO of United Way of Jackson County

Testimonials 6

"You were so right! Focusing on the issue of early childhood education has resulted in raising more money from grants and campaigns, attracting new donors, and reduced designations. Now everyone knows what our United Way does in the community." 

- Julie Capaldi, President of United Way of Pickens County

Testimonial 5

"I really appreciated the experience, particularly because it provided some compelling directions that we don't get from United Way Worldwide. I feel that Perspectives’ information is realistic, pragmatic and grounded in real-world experience and research."

- Peter Theisen, President/CEO of United Way of Whatcom County

Testimonials 4

"We know of no other consulting group with the breadth of knowledge and experience that Perspectives has in working with local United Ways."

- Bill Jackson, President & CPO of United Way of Erie County

Testimonial 2

“You bring real enthusiasm and knowledge. It’s clear you really care if we succeed.”

- Debra Lancaster, Executive Director of United Way of Skagit County

Testimonial 1

"Since Perspectives works exclusively with United Ways, there is a lot of experience to draw from to help navigate potential barriers. Chances are, if you come across a problem or issue, Perspectives has already worked through it with another United Way."

- Shane Orr, Executive Director of United Way of Muscatine