Get Your Board Onboard: Secrets of the Engaged Board

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Get Your Board Onboard: Secrets of the Engaged Board

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Webinar Description

Note: This webinar was recorded live on February 4, 2019. A recording of this webinar is available for purchase. When you purchase this webinar recording, we will grant you access to a custom online library that will hold this webinar’s recording, as well as any other webinars that you purchase in the future.

Do you struggle with attendance at board meetings or with getting board members to participate on committees and help with workplace campaigns? This webinar tackles these struggles while giving you the opportunity to share your board-related questions and challenges.

Your board has the potential to advance the work of your United Way in many ways. This webinar will unlock that potential by showing you how to engage and empower your board to impact your United Way.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The keys to an engaged board, which starts with recruiting the right board members

  • How your board can provide your United Way with both governance and support

  • What to include in every board meeting agenda to maximize engagement

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  • Your entire staff and board can have access! Just pay one fee and gather everyone around.

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