How to Restore Relevance to Your United Way

How to Restore Relevance to Your United Way - Live.png

February 11, 2020
2-3 P.M. EDT.

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Webinar Description

Many communities have begun to question the relevance of their local United Way, and younger donors increasingly view United Way as antiquated and out-of-touch. With growing pressure from donors to show the impact their dollars have made and declining workplace campaigns, pressure is mounting for United Ways to assert their value and prove their capacity to generate local impact. In response, United Ways across the country, both large and small, are transforming to an issue focus.

This webinar will show you how to restore your relevance by transforming to an issue focus. You will learn how an issue focus works, discover the research behind the Issue Focus Model, and understand the next steps to transform your United Way to an issue focus. We will show you examples of issue-focused United Ways that have simplified their message, diversified their resources, and maximized their impact.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The basics of an issue focus, including the origin of the model and how adopting an issue focus shapes a United Way’s marketing/engagement, impact/investment, and resource development practices

  • The benefits of transforming your United Way to this model, including restoring your relevance, maximizing your impact, increasing and diversifying your resources, and simplifying your message

  • About issue-focused United Ways of all sizes as we share stories of their successes and challenges

  • How to determine if an issue focus is the right direction for your United Way

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