Our workshops provide your staff with the opportunity to learn directly from the experts at Perspectives in an intimate and collaborative setting. In our workshops, we provide in-person instruction and critiques, as well as the opportunity to work collaboratively to review current practices at your United Way and explore how to enhance your practices to be more efficient and effective.

Our workshops are perfect for larger United Ways with fully-staffed departments or smaller United Ways who want hands-on guidance at an affordable price. Our workshops are also well-suited for small breakout sessions at state association meetings and United Way conferences.

Available Workshops

We have several workshops that we can share with your United Way staff, state association, or conference, including:

  • Effective Social Media Workshop: Explore the research behind our five essentials for effective social media and how to apply those essentials to your own social media accounts. Work with the experts from Perspectives to review and critique your current social media accounts, as well as brainstorm how you can use the five essentials moving forward.

  • Staff Strategy Workshop: This workshop is for United Ways already on their journey to becoming issue-focused. Explore in detail the transformations and related strategies necessary to successfully implement an issue focus in the areas of impact/investment, resource development, and marketing/engagement.

  • Custom Workshops: Do you want hands-on guidance in an area we haven’t listed above? Contact us to talk about how we can work together to build a workshop that will meet your needs.

Some of the common United Way challenges our workshops address include:

Next Steps

Contact us to learn more about how our workshops can help your United Way to increase its resources, maximize its impact, and remain relevant in your community.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us: