Donor & Community Research


Understanding the perceptions and needs of your donors and community members is essential to your United Way’s ability to ensure the continued support of donors, attracting community members to support your United Way, and creating more effective marketing. Donor and community research can also help your United Way to better understand which issues are the most pressing in your community and how United Way may be able to fill gaps in services and address unmet needs.

If your United Way wants to better understand your donors and community, our donor and community research services will provide your United Way with the information it needs to be successful.

Types of Research

We offer a variety of research services for United Ways, including:

  • Current Donor Survey: Growing contributions and retaining donors all starts with understanding the interests, needs, and desires of your current donors. Our donor surveys will provide you with the information you need to increase donor support and retain your donors.

  • Past Donor Survey: Learn why you’ve lost supporters and how you can win them back by connecting with people who have previously donated to your United Way but haven’t made a contribution in the last year or two.

  • Community Survey: Attracting new donors starts with understanding what community members know about your United Way and what it will take for community members to support your United Way. 

  • Community Needs Assessment: In many communities, organizations like health care systems or academic institutions conduct needs assessments, but these assessments may not include all the information you need. If your community does not have a needs assessment that fulfills your needs, contact us and we will develop a customized needs assessment for your community.

The information that comes from donor and community research is essential to addressing many of the challenges facing United Ways, including:

Next Steps

Contact us to learn more about how our donor and community research can help you better understand the needs of your stakeholders and how that information can help your United Way to remain relevant, sustainable, and impactful.

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