Custom Services


Every United Way is unique, so every United Way’s consulting and research needs are unique too. Depending on where your United Way is at, you may face different challenges compared to other United Ways. As a result, the services listed on our website may not exactly align with your United Way’s needs.

If your United Way is seeking a service not explicitly listed on our website or you would like to customize one of our listed services to better meet the needs of your United Way, please contact us.

Examples of Custom Services

Over the years, we’ve provided a variety of custom services for United Ways, including:

  • Expedited Issue Focus Transformation: Not all United Ways have the time or budget to take on the full issue focus transformation process. If your United Way is already on its way to an issue focus or has limited financial means, we can customize our issue focus transformation services to meet your needs.

  • Feasibility Studies: We have assisted United Ways to evaluate the need for potential new programs and services in their community. If your United Way is looking at the possibility of providing a new program or service in the community, we can provide a customized feasibility study.

  • Community Needs Assessments: In many communities, organizations like health care systems or academic institutions conduct needs assessments, but these assessments may not include all the information you need. If your community does not have a needs assessment that fulfills your needs, contact us and we will develop a customized needs assessment for your community.

  • Board Retreat Speaking: Sometimes, you do not need your whole board retreat facilitated, but you would like experts to speak on a particular topic or share their relevant experience. If your United Way is looking for experts to speak at your next board retreat, we would be happy to customize a presentation for you and your board.

Next Steps

Contact us to discuss how we can use our experience and expertise to meet the unique needs of your United Way and help your United Way to increase its resources, maximize its impact, and remain relevant in the community.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us: