Board Retreats


Board retreats are an opportunity for your board to focus their efforts on a particular challenge or topic. When your United Way is in a period of growth, transition, or conflict, it is important to create a space for board members to meet and analyze the situation outside of the constraints and rigid schedule of regular board meetings.

We provide a variety of facilitated board retreats that allow board members to discuss the future of your United Way, as well as how your United Way should evolve to be better prepared for the future. 

Available Board Retreats

We have several board retreats available that we would be happy to bring to your United Way, including:

  • Challenges and Opportunities Retreat: This retreat will help you explore and clarify the future of your United Way. In this retreat, we discuss the challenges facing United Ways, how United Ways often get stuck between fundraising and impact, the benefits of choosing to have a greater focus on fundraising or impact, and provide ample time for your staff and board to discuss the direction your United Way should be headed in the future.

  • Why, What, How Retreat: This board retreat is designed to bolster board engagement by providing a space for board members to examine the role of the board and recommit to their duties and responsibilities. This retreat discusses the different types of boards at United Ways, the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and provides space for your board to create internal measures and guidelines that ensure engagement.

  • Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat: For United Ways that are wanting to take their community impact to the next level, this retreat introduces the concept of becoming an issue-focused United Way. Your board will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an issue focus and explore how your United Way would look and operate if it was issue-focused.

  • Custom Board Retreats: If your board is facing a unique challenge, we can craft a retreat that meets the specific needs of your board. To learn more about our custom services, visit our custom services page or contact us.

Our board retreats will help your United Way address some of the most common United Way challenges, including:

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