Our Process 

We created the Issue Focus Model based on our years of research and experience working with United Ways. Through the years, we developed the step-by-step playbook that guides United Ways to successfully adopt an issue focus. To accomplish all these changes, we take United Ways through a two-part transformation process.

Part One

Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat

Our process starts with a comprehensive overview of the Issue Focus Model and how it could work at your United Way. Our retreat provides your staff and board the opportunity to fully understand the Issue Focus Model and answer the question: Should our United Way transform to an issue focus?

Part Two

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Once your United Way decides to become issue-focused, your transformation does not happen in a vacuum. Through donor and community research, as well as conversations with partner agencies and top campaigns, we help your United Way select the right issue and long-term bold goal for your community.


Strategic Planning

Transforming to an issue focus fundamentally changes how your United Way operates. Using our proven playbook, we will guide you in selecting the right transformational strategies for your United Way. Together, we will develop a strategic plan that maps your United Way's path to adopting an issue focus.



Our commitment to your success does not end when your strategic plan is completed. We know organizational change is difficult, so we continue to provide you with guidance and answers to your questions as your United Way transforms to an issue focus. 

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