Our United Way Specialists



Gary M. Goscenski

I am fortunate to have found my calling guiding United Ways because every day I get to do what I love. Although my degree is in marketing and management, guiding over 100 United Ways has provided me a wealth of real-world experience and expertise. I created the Issue Focus Model to allow United Ways to realize their full potential – maximize impact, maintain sustainability, and remain relevant.

People describe me as passionate for United Ways, accuse me of talking too quickly, and question if I have any fashion sense when I wear my eclectic ties – all of which are probably true.


Sarah Piper

I was put on this earth to leave it a better place than I found it. Right now, I do that by helping United Ways across the country become relevant, sustainable, and impactful. I believe that United Ways have invaluable positions in their communities, but fully leveraging that position can be difficult in the age of one-click giving and new donor expectations.

My academic background is in public relations, nonprofit leadership, and Spanish. I am an advocate for stakeholder research, the Oxford comma, and bluntness.