Market & Communicate Effectively

The Challenges

Although nearly everyone has heard of United Way, both donors and community members alike struggle to understand what United Way does. Communicating the work of a typical United Way is challenging because it requires sharing information on everything from funded partner agencies to campaign goals to program outcomes. As a result, United Ways must market and communicate many messages, which can be confusing and difficult for donors and community members to understand and remember.

The Solution

Effective marketing and communication start by resolving the conflicting priorities facing most United Ways: does your United Way exist to raise money for partner agencies or to address social issues in a meaningful way? Once your United Way has clarity of purpose, you can focus your messaging to foster a deeper understanding of your United Way. Some United Ways we have worked with have more than tripled donor and community understanding of their United Way by clarifying their priorities and focusing their message.

Whether you are ready to address marketing and communication challenges at your United Way or are simply looking to create clear calls to action and quality social media content, we’re here to help you.

Next Steps

Explore our services below or contact us to learn how your United Way can start marketing and communicating effectively today:

Our webinars cover a variety of topics that will make your marketing and communication more effective, including connecting with the next generation of donors and using social media.

Issue Focus Transformation
If the purpose of your United Way is to address social issues in a meaningful way, our issue focus transformation will help you focus and target your messaging for maximum effectiveness. .

Our Effective Social Media and Staff Strategy workshops provide your staff with essential marketing and engagement strategies and skills.

Donor & Community Research
When you understand your donors’ and community members’ needs and beliefs, you can develop clear messages and select the appropriate channels to communicate the information your stakeholders want to know.

Strategic Planning
It’s not enough to just know that you want to change your current marketing practices. A strategic plan can help ensure a timely and total transition to communication strategies that support your United Way’s goals.

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