Continue developing your issue focus with unlimited access to consulting, guidance, and advice from the experienced, issue-focused consultants at Perspectives

If your United Way has selected a specific issue, set a bold goal, and developed a plan for becoming issue-focused, we are ready to help you supercharge your issue focus.

In our work with United Ways transforming to an issue focus, we have found that it can be difficult for United Ways to implement everything they planned to accomplish. We have observed many United Ways that know what they need to do, but don’t know how to do it because it is new to them. Staff often have difficulty escaping their day-to-day responsibilities and need someone to coach them and keep their issue-focused efforts on-track.

We will provide you with all the guidance and advice you need to succeed with your issue-focused efforts. As your Issue-Focused Consultants, we will supercharge your United Way in the areas of impact/investment, resource development, marketing/engagement, and board governance. Examples of ways we can help you include:

  • Strengthening your partner agency relationships to increase partnerships and participation in addressing your issue
  • Assisting in the design of a new RFP to attract new organizations and programs that address your issue
  • Updating your pledge form to provide your donors with opportunities to engage with your United Way
  • Transforming your campaign and marketing materials from a fundraising focus to an issue focus to include clear and concise messaging about your issue 
  • Creating affinity groups focused on addressing your issue in your community to attract donors, especially the younger generation
  • Identifying volunteering opportunities that address your issue to build relationships with future donors
  • Developing a website specifically dedicated to your issue to increase issue awareness and report the results of your donors’ contributions
  • Suggestions and tips for using social media to effectively communicate your issue, actions, and results, and engage the younger generation
  • Redesigning your board meeting agenda and topics to address critical issue-focused priorities at every board meeting
  • Restructuring board membership and committees to engage your board members in advancing your issue focus

How exactly can we help you supercharge your United Way's issue focus?

As your Issue-Focused Consultants, we will be your sounding board when you want and need honest and unbiased feedback, and we will provide you with ideas and solutions for developing and implementing your issue focus. We will coach you on what to do when the going gets tough, and provide clarity and direction for your issue-focused efforts. We will advise you on making the changes that take your issue focus to the next level, and provide a fresh perspective to challenge your thinking and help you learn and grow as you implement your issue focus.

Why do we offer Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! for your United Way?

We have seen how much you have invested into adopting an issue focus, but we also know that your work does not stop after strategic planning. We offer our Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! on a monthly retainer basis because we want to continue to walk with you as you fully transform to an issue-focused United Way. Our Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! allows us to be there every time you have questions, want advice, or need guidance.

Please note: Our Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! does not include creating or producing materials, facilitated meetings, planning sessions, or research projects like donor or community surveys. Our planning and research services are available as separate, fixed-fee projects.