Just as a lighthouse is a navigational aid for ships, Perspectives is a lighthouse for United Ways. We are passionately dedicated to serving as an issue-focused guide to help United Ways like yours chart a course, avoid obstacles, make mid-course corrections, run smoothly, and reach your destination of becoming issue-focused.

Let Perspectives be your lighthouse and guide you toward maximizing your impact, resources, and communication with an issue focus. Our issue-focused crew is ready to help move your United Way forward.

Gary’s and Kasey’s focus on being issue-focused sets them apart from other strategic guides. Becoming an issue-focused United Way may not be right for every United Way, but if that unique strategy is a fit, they have the experience and market awareness to make it work. Plus, they go beyond just giving advice. Because of their deep understanding of United Ways and our multiple stakeholders, they not only are able to predict difficulties, but also help navigate if you hit a rough spot. Gary’s and Kasey’s knowledge and understanding of United Ways is very valuable.
— Todd Jasin, Executive Director at United Way of Wayne & Holmes Counties

Maximizing your impact, resources, and communication all starts with an issue focus

Take your impact, resources, and communication to the next level. Adopt an issue focus and your United Way will have:

  • Greater impact and results for a specific issue
  • Opportunities to grow your donor base and support for your impact work
  • Increased awareness and a clear, focused message to share with your donors and community
It isn’t easy being such a small staff, but it is definitely worth it. I tell people that if you are trying to be all things to all people (traditional United Way model), then you are nothing to anybody! But, by being laser-focused on one issue, we are able to make an impact in that area.
— Pamela Beckford, Executive Director at United Way of Wells County

Get your board on board with an issue focus

Every United Way should hold an annual board retreat to allow board members and staff to have a meaningful discussion about the future of your United Way. Our Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat will engage your board in a conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing your United Way. We will explore the differences between fundraising-focused and issue-focused United Ways, look at examples of United Ways that are fundraising-focused and issue-focused, and allow board and staff an opportunity to talk about the future direction of your United Way. Take your United Way to the next level with a board retreat from Perspectives!

I really appreciated the experience, particularly because it provided some compelling directions that we don’t get from United Way Worldwide. I feel that the Perspectives information is realistic, pragmatic and grounded in real-world experience and research.
— Peter Theisen, President/CEO at United Way of Whatcom County
We know of no other consulting group with the breadth of knowledge and experience that Perspectives has in working with local United Ways.
— Bill Jackson, President at United Way of Erie County

Don't wait...contact us to maximize your impact with an issue focus today!

Go to the source - contact Gary and Kasey, your experienced, issue-focused consultants, to guide your United Way in moving forward.

You were so right! We are a little United Way, and focusing on the issue of early childhood education and summer learning loss has resulted in raising more money from grants and campaigns, attracting new donors, and reduced designations. This is all we talk about – at campaign presentations, to donors, and to our community – and now everyone knows what United Way of Pickens County does in the community.
— Julie Capaldi, President at United Way of Pickens County

Sometimes the best issue-focused ideas in life are free!

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