Grow & Diversify Resources

The Challenges

Most United Ways rely on workplace campaigns to generate the majority of their financial resources. However, workplace campaigns are more challenging than ever as companies downsize, move to third-party processors, adopt open campaigns, no longer have local leadership, do not provide donor information, and no longer allow presentations to employees. These challenges make it difficult for United Ways that rely primarily on workplace campaigns to be financially sustainable.

The Solution

The key to long-term financial sustainability is growing and diversifying resources beyond workplace campaigns. We have identified at least six methods your United Way can use to grow and diversify resources that will reduce your dependence on workplace campaigns. Some of the United Ways we have worked with have used these methods to grow and diversify their resources so that workplace campaigns make up just half of their total resources under management.

Whether you are ready to ensure your United Way’s financial sustainability, focus on growing resources, or identify new ways to diversify your resources, we’re here to help you.

Next Steps

Explore our services below or contact us to learn how you can begin to grow and diversify your resources today:

Board Retreats
Our facilitated board retreats will provide your board and staff with the guidance and information necessary to choose the best methods for growing and diversifying resources at your United Way.

Strategic Planning
Through our strategic planning process, we will guide you in developing a plan to implement the essential strategies you will need to ensure financial stability and sustainability in the future.

Donor & Community Research
Our research will help you understand what your donors prefer, what your community will support, and what your partner agencies expect, which will allow your United Way to make the best decisions for growing and diversifying your resources.

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