5 Ways to Begin Your Journey to an Issue Focus


1. Check Out Our Blog

For a quick look at the concept of an issue focus, read some of the best of our over 250 blog posts. Take a couple of minutes to learn more about an issue focus from our hand-picked set of five “must read” blog posts.

2. Dive Deeper

For a more in-depth look at the concept of an issue focus, download our “A Closer Look: The Issue Focus Model” handout. The handout covers the two types of United Ways, the benefits and challenges of an issue focus, and the process of transforming to an issue focus.

3. Let's Have a Conversation

Get your questions answered with a complimentary 30-minute conversation about an issue focus. We will talk about how an issue focus will move your United Way forward, listen to what you have to say, ask some challenging questions, and offer some suggestions and guidance. We will not sell you our services or pressure you in any way. Contact us to schedule your conversation.

4. Hear Us Speak

View our webinar "Positioning Your United Way for 2020: What You Must Plan & Start Doing Today." This is a recording of our top-rated session we have presented at several United Way regional conferences. We frequently speak at state and regional United Way conferences - watch our blog for details.

5. Host a Board Retreat

When your board and staff are ready to explore the potential of adopting an issue focus at your United Way - host our Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat. This half-day board retreat will change the future of your United Way. Don’t just take our word for it – see what other United Ways have said about working with us!