Your Issue-Focused Consultants

Gary and Sarah are passionate about working with United Ways. We have over 31 years of knowledge and experience working with United Ways like yours. Get to know Gary and Sarah below and find out what makes them the right people to work with your United Way.

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Gary M. Goscenski | Issue-Focused Consultant

After volunteering and serving on the board of his local United Way, Gary lives and breathes United Way every day. Over the past 28 years, he has shared his experience and expertise with United Ways across the country and frequently speaks at United Way conferences and meetings.

Gary can remember more numbers than most people will forget and can easily recall statistics from reports completed years ago. He has a gift for being able to take all of those numbers and turn them into meaningful recommendations and strategies for United Ways. He oversees Perspectives’ staff, guiding and directing projects, and is the host of Disco Fridays in the office. Gary earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and management from Western Michigan University.

He has been accused of talking too quickly and saying too much, but he would dismiss those characterizations as unproven. When he’s not shaping the future success of United Way, you can find him winning Scrabble games, spending time with his wife and two sons, running or bicycling as the weather allows, and volunteering for local nonprofit organizations. 

We have worked with Perspectives for many years and on various projects because they are totally familiar with the work of local United Ways. They understand the challenges we face and the strategies we can use to overcome them. They speak with clarity and credibility. The quality of their work is excellent and well worth the time, effort, and expense.
— Paul Logli, President & CEO, United Way of Rock River Valley

Sarah Piper | Issue-Focused Consultant


Sarah is driven by the desire to leave the world a better place than she found it and believes that working with nonprofits is how she will do that. She is passionate about helping impactful organizations build strong relationships with their stakeholders through research and meaningful dialogue/communication.

Sarah earned her degree from Western Michigan University in public relations, with a double minor in nonprofit leadership and Spanish.

When Sarah is not working, she enjoys reading, writing, running, and traveling. Above all else, Sarah loves to learn. Sarah is never far from a new book, podcast, or hobby.

Previously, we have worked with some great leaders for strategic planning, but they are not like the two of you. You spoke United Way language – I could wrap my head around what you were saying and feel we can get there.
— Debbie Campbell, Executive Director, United Way of Lewis County