Congratulations on considering becoming issue-focused!

Adopting an issue focus will take your United Way’s community impact efforts to the next level. There are four stages to adopting an issue focus:

  1. Introduction to an Issue Focus. Learn about an issue focus and determine if an issue focus is right for your United Way through discussion with your board and staff.
  2. Direction-Setting. Set your direction and choose your issue and bold goal.
  3. Strategic Planning. Develop a plan that transforms your United Way to an issue focus.
  4. Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! For United Ways that have selected their issue and set their bold goal, now is the time to realize all of the benefits of being issue-focused by supercharging your issue focus.

Not quite sure what we mean by becoming issue-focused? We’ve got you covered with our explanation of issue-focused United Ways here.


Introduction to an Issue Focus

Your Journey to an Issue Focus Starts Here! Is an issue focus right for your United Way? Do you think an issue focus could work at your United Way, but have a million questions? Are you wondering if your board will get on-board with adopting an issue focus? We’ll answer all of these questions and more during our Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat.

Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat. We’ll get your board and staff up-to-speed in a jiffy about adopting an issue focus, answer all your questions, and show you examples of how an issue focus could look and work at your United Way. Success starts with everyone being committed to transitioning to an issue focus with our Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat. You can find everything you want to know about our Introduction to an Issue Focus Board Retreat here.

Gary really added value by engaging us in a much deeper discussion of what this new direction means for our impact work, development and volunteer center. This was so valuable that I plan on bringing him back for our board retreat.
— Paul Knox, Executive Director, United Way of Thurston County


Ready to Make the Transition? If everyone at your United Way is committed to adopting an issue focus, then let’s select your issue and set a bold goal that will transition your United Way to an issue focus with our Direction-Setting process!

Direction-Setting. Our Direction-Setting process will guide your United Way through the transition to an issue focus. Built upon a rock-solid foundation of information that comes from asking your stakeholders for their input, then carefully considering what opportunities make the most sense, and finally choosing your issue and setting your bold goal to make the transition successfully. Dig into the details about our Direction-Setting process here.


Strategic Planning

Change Your Community and Achieve Your Bold Goal. Once your United Way has identified your issue and selected your bold goal, it's time to select the strategies and develop a plan that transforms your United Way to an issue focus with our Strategic Planning process.

Strategic Planning. Our Strategic Planning process will provide your United Way with a three-year plan, based on issue-focused strategies that will allow your United Way to successfully change your community and achieve your bold goal. Explore our Strategic Planning process here.



On Your Journey to an Issue Focus. If your United Way has selected your issue, set a bold goal, and planned your strategies for your transition to an issue focus, then you are on the journey to an issue focus. Congratulations! Our Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! is just what your United Way needs to get there faster, more effectively, and most efficiently.

Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! Continue developing your issue focus with access to consulting, guidance, and advice from the experienced, Issue-Focused Consultants at Perspectives. Realize all of the opportunities and advantages of an issue focus with our Issue-Focused SUPERCHARGING! here.