Simplify Your Messaging: The Proven Formula


You’ve got a lot to say. Your United Way does a lot, and sometimes it may seem like you do too much to explain it all to your community.

When you have so much to say, how can you simplify and prioritize your messages? How do you know if your messages will be easily understood or which messages will most effectively convince community members to support you?

If you’ve followed our blog for a long time, attended one of our webinars, or heard us speak at a conference, you can probably guess that our answer is I-A-R.

But, while you may have guessed I-A-R, how we talk about the concept has evolved.

For those of you who haven’t heard about I-A-R, it’s the formula we use to break down the three elements that your stakeholders need to hear from your United Way to support and understand you. The acronym also serves as an excellent template for developing marketing pieces, campaigns materials, and talking points.

However, the process of implementing I-A-R has long been fuzzy and confusing for many United Ways. This was because our past guidelines for effective I-A-R implementation weren’t detailed enough to be compatible with every United Way’s community impact practices and marketing practices.

This struck us as terribly unfair. After all, explaining what your United Way does in a concise and easy-to-understand way is something most United Ways struggle with, and we know I-A-R simplifies that process.

That’s why we developed a new way to look at I-A-R. We’ve broken down the formula so that every United Way – regardless of their community impact or marketing practices – can use I-A-R to develop messages that are easily understood by community members. We’ve also improved the formula so that all United Ways can optimize their messages to more effectively attract and retain donors.

We’re excited to announce that we will be sharing this new way to look at I-A-R in a free webinar titled The Simplest Way to Explain What Your United Way Does. This webinar will show you just how easy the I-A-R formula is to use and how you can use the formula to build community understanding of your United Way.

Join us for The Simplest Way to Explain What Your United Way Does on September 25 from 2 to 3 p.m. EST!

If you can’t make it on September 25, register anyway! After the live webinar, will share a link to a recording of the live session.

Learn more about The Simplest Way to Explain What Your United Way Does here or register here.