Quote of the Month: April 2018

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Our April Quote of the Month comes from American novelist Ellen Glasgow:

“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.” – Ellen Glasgow

Recently, I was talking with the president/CEO of a United Way that was going through some challenging times. He told me his board knew that the circumstances required change and that they could not keep doing what they had always done. We spent the majority of our conversation talking about making positive change to move his United Way forward, and not just changing for the sake of change. Many United Ways are changing, but it is not always change that results in growth or movement forward. If your United Way is facing the need to change, take a look at how an issue focus could move your United Way forward. Recognizing the need for change is important, but determining how to change is critical to long-term success. If you have a quote you would like to share for our Quote of the Month, please let me know at gary@perspectives4uw.com

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