Who Cares?


Your donors do NOT care about . . .

  • The number of partner agencies that receive funding from your United Way

  • The number of programs funded by your United Way

  • The number of hours spent by volunteers to determine your allocations

  • Your number of Facebook likes or Twitter followers

  • The number of priority areas of investment or targeted goals at your United Way

  • How many of your workplace campaigns had 100% participation

  • Your total number of donors and the average amount contributed by your donors

  • How much donors designated to other nonprofit organizations

  • How many people used your volunteer connection website

  • The number of people in your leadership giving society and how much they contributed

  • How much money was invested in each of your priority areas of investment

  • How much money was raised at your social fundraising event

  • The amounts contributed by your top 20 workplace campaigns

  • How many people are on your board of directors

  • Your campaign goal

. . . because none of these things tell a donor why they should give to your United Way.

Your donors care about . . .

1)  What issue does your United Way address?

2)  What is your United Way doing to impact your issue?

3)  What results has your United Way achieved to impact your issue?

. . . because when your donors know these three things, they will know why they should contribute to your United Way. Learn more about the power of one issue and one bold goal to attract donors by becoming issue-focused on our website here.

Successful United Ways tell donors what they want and need to know.

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