Quote of the Month: February 2018

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Our February Quote of the Month comes from author John C. Maxwell:

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” – John C. Maxwell

It is all too easy to fall into the comfortable pattern of doing the same things every day, or in the case of United Ways, doing the same things year after year. Personally, we are not doing the same things every day we did as teenagers, nor will we be doing the same things every day when we are retired. Today’s social, cultural, technological, and economic environment demands that United Ways change from the ways of the past. Growth for United Ways should no longer be measured by the campaign goal. If a United Way is going to grow in today’s world, that growth will be measured by how a United Way impacts their community, such as reducing poverty, ending homelessness, or increasing the graduation rate. Issue-focused United Ways impact a single issue in their community, and their impact grows every year. When the time comes for your United Way to change, carefully consider how your United Way’s impact can grow in your community. If you have a quote you would like to share for our Quote of the Month, please let me know at gary@perspectives4uw.com

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