Remaining Relevant is Hard

The world is changing faster than ever. Shifting demographics, emerging technology, and evolving best practices keep United Ways on their toes as they work to remain relevant in their communities.

Remaining relevant is, of course, critical to the survival of United Ways, and therefore critical to the ability of United Ways to continue to positively impact their communities.

But, it’s hard.

Remaining relevant is especially difficult because all the changes that keep United Ways on their toes can make it challenging for United Way staff to know how best to communicate with and engage donors, volunteers, and community members in their work.

We have been working with United Ways for 28 years, so we intimately understand the importance of each United Way cultivating a positive and persistent presence in its community. We also understand the role effective communication and engagement play in cultivating that presence. 

As the world continues to rapidly change, we want to help United Ways continue to be able to positively impact and interact with their donors, volunteers, and community members.

That is why I would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming “Positioning Your United Way for 2020: What You Must Plan & Start Doing Today” webinar. Join us to learn more about how progressive United Ways across the country are changing the way they offer engagement opportunities, call their communities to action, and interact with audiences on social media.

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