Real Quotes From Real Donors – The Sequel

In the course of helping United Ways adopt an issue focus, we have conducted surveys with thousands of local United Way donors. On every survey, we offer donors several opportunities to express their opinions about their local United Way in fill-in-the-blank questions like “When you think of United Way of _____, what words come to mind?” or “Are there any suggestions or comments you would like to make about _____ United Way?”

Several years ago, I blogged about the responses we get to these questions and as you might imagine, the comments just keep on coming. Here is a fresh set of thought-provoking comments from real donors who give money to their local United Way, about their local United Way:

 “Oh no, not already! Someone wants me to contribute money.”

 “If that one big lump is supposed to make me feel good – it did not. It makes me feel like you’re hiding something.”

“Do not over think this. We will give, as long as you do not screw-up. You are oatmeal solid, but not in the front of my mind.”

“I don’t feel it is necessary to be thanked, but it is nice to be appreciated.”

“I don’t see any changes. I see a lot of people going to food banks, shelters, and kids having babies. The cycle continues.”

“I know in general what the United Way does, but I don’t know anything specific.”

 “There will likely always be more need than United Way is able to respond to, but the effort is admirable.”

“You got your money from me for the year, now please leave me alone.”

“I want to be recognized, but not with any donated funds. You’re in a tough spot, so my logical mind agrees with the way that you’re handling recognitions. It’s that other snarky side of my brain that whines sometimes.”

“I don’t know how my actual contribution was used, but I assume it was used well.”

“I am a dairy farmer and rarely come face-to-face with these issues.”

“United Way should lead, not follow.”

Some of these comments probably made you laugh, others probably made you wonder why these donors even supported United Way in the first place. When you read these comments, be sure to remember that this is what donors believe about their United Way, and that just because someone is a donor doesn’t mean they get United Way, or love United Way. Here’s a comment that will make you smile for the rest of today:

“I give to United Way for the warm fuzzies!”