Just Jargon

Due to the success of our 2015 Signature Series Webinars, we are pleased to announce we will be offering a special webinar, Just Jargon, on April 22nd at 2 p.m. EDT.

Our Just Jargon webinar is dedicated to increasing your understanding of the most recent terms and acronyms that are being used by United Ways across the country. Every United Way professional should be knowledgeable about the jargon used by United Ways, but who has the time to keep up with it all?

In this brief, 16-hour webinar, you will:

  • Learn about all 742 generally accepted and commonly used terms and acronyms, from the shortest and simplest to the longest and most complicated
  • View complex diagrams, which illustrate many of the terms and acronyms, using a variety of geometric shapes and colors
  • Discover the latest and greatest jargon, including terms and acronyms, such as: out-of-the-box campaigns (workplaces that actually distribute your campaign materials), voluntold (assignments and responsibilities your volunteers never expected), LDWASA (Loyal Donors Who Are Still Alive), and YDWMFU (Young Donors Who Magically Found Us)
  • Receive an Outcomes Measurements Report of your progress and if you achieve your objectives, a certificate suitable for framing

If you were embarrassed and didn’t know who to ask about these commonly used terms and acronyms, then this webinar is for you! You can learn without embarrassment in the peace and quiet of your office.

Don’t delay – sign-up today! Space is limited to the first 250 people who register

***UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this webinar, we regret to inform you that we no longer have any openings because all of the foolish people have already signed up. Happy April Fool’s Day!***