Make It Awesome! Pledge Forms

Does your pledge form include the information your donors want to know?

At Perspectives, we have conducted research for over 25 years for United Ways across the U.S. In our research, we have found that donors want to know three things: 1) the issue(s) your United Way is addressing, 2) the actions you are taking to address the issue(s), and 3) the results you are achieving in your community. We refer to these three things as I-A-R, or Issue(s), Actions, and Results.

Let’s take a look at the pledge form from one of our clients and good friends - United Way of Mercer County (Hermitage, PA). They recently transitioned to focusing on the issue of poverty and “Lifting Families Out of Poverty” in their community.

On United Way of Mercer County’s pledge form, you can clearly see they are focused on the issue of poverty - Lifting Families Out of Poverty. They do a great job of communicating actions they are taking within education, income, and health to address the issue of poverty, and they include results on their pledge form. They have done an excellent job providing far more information than most United Ways list on their pledge form! Here are three ideas that will take this pledge form even further and Make It Awesome!

How to Take This Pledge Form and Make It Awesome!

  1. Share statistics about the issue of poverty. Donors want to know the significance of the issue you are addressing in your community. Share statistics that indicate the prevalence of the issue, so donors know why they need to donate to address the issue.
  2. Talk about one specific action in more detail. Rather than sharing information about programs and services you are offering within the categories of education, income, and health, focus on sharing information about one program or service your United Way provides to address the issue in your community. Explain to donors how your United Way is making a difference by providing this program or service in your community.
  3. Communicate results related to addressing the issue of poverty. It is much more powerful to share that your United Way has helped move a specific number of families out of poverty and to tell a story about a family that was helped, than it is to share how much money was donated to support programs within education, income, and health. Tell donors about the impact their contributions have on families in your community.

These three simple ideas will take this already excellent pledge form and Make It Awesome!

If you would like us to review something your United Way is doing and Make It Awesome! send me an e-mail at As your marketing consultant, I will share great tips and ideas with you about how to enhance what you are doing, and will provide you with the information your donors and community want to know, based on our research and experience in working with United Ways.