Turkey Trot for a Cause

Is your United Way holding an event on or around Thanksgiving? Is it tied to a specific issue?

United Way of Marathon County (Wausau, Wisconsin) is encouraging their community to participate in the 6th Annual Eastbay Turkey Trot 5k Run/Walk on Thanksgiving. This event is tied to the issue of hunger and they explain that by registering in the Turkey Trot, you will help feed those in need throughout the year. The proceeds from registration fees will be donated to the Marathon County Hunger Coalition, an initiative of United Way of Marathon County.

United Way of Marathon County has been promoting this event on their Web site. They have also been encouraging people to bring non-perishable food donations, which will benefit the United Way Hunger Coalition, and they have been inviting people to volunteer.

Mile High United Way (Denver, Colorado) is inviting their community to “strut their stuffin'” at the 42nd Annual Mile High United Way Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. They explain that by participating in the Turkey Trot, you will help Mile High United Way build the community by improving childhood literacy, increasing high school graduation rates and ensuring economic self-sufficiency for adults and families.

Mile High United Way has been promoting this event on their Web site, Facebook, and Twitter. On Twitter, they also encouraged people to shop at Denver Whole Foods stores on Wednesday, November 18th to support the Mile High United Way Turkey Trot. They have also been inviting people to volunteer.

While I saw other examples of United Ways holding Turkey Trots or other events on or around Thanksgiving, I really liked both of these examples because they tied the events to specific issues that their United Ways are addressing in the community. Instead of just inviting people to come out for a fundraising event, they explained the impact community members will have on specific issues in the community by participating in these Turkey Trots.

The next time you hold an event in your community, consider tying the event to a specific issue. People will be more likely to attend an event if they know they are helping to make an impact on a specific issue in the community.

If your United Way is interested in adopting an issue focus, which will provide you with an opportunity to hold events like these which are tied to a specific issue being addressed by your United Way, check out our Direction-Setting Process.