Halloween Festivities

What is your United Way doing to celebrate Halloween this year?

United Way Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) offers one-day volunteer opportunities for their community to easily get involved and make a difference. Most of their one-day volunteer opportunities are designed to complement their work in promoting early learning success and to strengthen families enrolled in targeted elementary schools in their community. They recently invited parents and their children to get involved and participate in a one-day volunteer opportunity to help create Healthy Halloween Snack Packs. The snack packs were created to help promote the importance of proper oral hygiene and healthy eating options around Halloween when kids consume a large quantity of junk food and candy. The snack packs include healthy goodies, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and health related resources for parents, and will be distributed to students at targeted elementary schools in the community.

United Way Silicon Valley made it easy to volunteer to help create the snack packs. The volunteer opportunity was from 9 a.m. to noon this past Saturday and United Way Silicon Valley provided a simple form to register on their Web site. They promoted this volunteer opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and thanked their volunteers and included pictures afterward:

Consider inviting your community to volunteer to raise awareness of what your United Way is doing in the community, just as United Way Silicon Valley is doing.

Have a safe and fun time celebrating Halloween this weekend!