How to Make Your Marketing the Best Ever

Is it challenging to develop a message for your United Way that is not confusing? Do you wonder if your donors and community members actually understand what your United Way does? Do you know how to develop a message that will motivate donors to give to your United Way? Have you ever wondered how to effectively communicate your community impact? Do you want to communicate a more focused message, but you feel forced to talk about education, income, and health?

The answer to these questions is not more marketing. The answer to these questions is looking at what your United Way is trying to accomplish and what you are trying to market, which is impossible unless your United Way has a clear mission, a bold goal for the future, measures of success, and specific strategies for community impact and resource development. To make your marketing the best ever starts with a comprehensive strategic plan that identifies your United Way’s mission, bold goal, measures of success, and strategies. Our Strategic Planning Process is customized, based on our 25+ years of experience in working with United Ways. We will bring your donors, community, and stakeholders along as you move forward with a strategic direction and focus at your United Way.

Our Strategic Planning Process will provide you with a concise and consistent message, based on the clear, unified direction your United Way has set, so you are not wasting time or money communicating multiple messages. This process will help your United Way refine and enhance your community impact efforts to more effectively engage your donors and community members. It will allow your donors and community to understand what your United Way is trying to accomplish, and your bold goal will motivate them to contribute both time and money to your United Way.

Perhaps the most difficult job at a United Way is marketing/communication, but your job will be easier once your United Way completes our Strategic Planning Process. For more information about our Strategic Planning Process, visit: If you have any questions about our Strategic Planning Process or how we can be of assistance to your United Way, you can reach me at (269) 657-5400 or We look forward to helping your United Way, just as we have helped numerous other United Ways across the country, to develop and communicate a focused message that resonates with your donors and community members, resulting in increased awareness of what you do and increased contributions of both time and money.