The Starfish Story

While writing about United Way of Citrus County (Crystal River, Florida) for our June e-newsletter, I came across the following post on their Facebook page:

I love this post for two reasons: 1. I just moved to Florida, so it resonated with me and 2. I like how United Way of Citrus County shared the story and connected it to their United Way by saying we can make a difference by giving, advocating, volunteering, and Living United.

I have always liked the Starfish Story and think it so closely aligns with what United Ways are doing across the country. You are making a difference.

So many people are aware of the United Way name, but are unaware of what you actually do. It is important to make sure you are telling your donors and community members how you are making a difference as a United Way. Share your own personal “starfish stories” and inform people of the lives you are touching and making a difference for in your community. Tell your community members that you are making a difference locally and invite them to give, advocate, volunteer, and Live United, just as United Way of Citrus County has done. And finally, keep up the great work! You are doing great things in your community and we thank you for the lives you have touched.