Coming Together to Address a Specific Issue

Are you inviting your community members and donors to come together to address a specific issue in your community? Do people see your United Way as a leader and are they encouraged to join you in making a difference?

United Way of Central Ohio (Columbus, Ohio) is making it known that they are the leader in addressing poverty in their community and they are inviting everyone to come together to fight poverty in Central Ohio.

When you arrive at their Web site, a window pops up that says “Believe in Columbus. Less Poverty = A Better Columbus for All.” If you choose to make a donation, it takes you to a page which thanks you for donating, provides information about the impact of your contribution, and asks for your contact information.

At the top of the homepage of their Web site, it says “Pathways Out of Poverty” and there is an explanation about the issue in the community and how United Way of Central Ohio is leading the fight against poverty. You can click to learn more about their work or to learn how you can give, advocate, or volunteer. They explain how the “four building blocks of a better life” are critical elements in creating pathways out of poverty.

United Way of Central Ohio’s 2013 campaign video is focused on the issue of poverty and includes statistics and information about the significance of the issue in the community. Stories about local community members who have received assistance are also included in the video. Their campaign video not only explains the importance of the issue of poverty in Central Ohio, but also explains how contributions to United Way of Central Ohio make a difference.


Donors, especially younger donors, want to give to organizations that are addressing specific issues. They want to know that their money is going toward a cause that will make a difference in someone’s life. United Way of Central Ohio is communicating that they are making a difference on an important issue in their community and are communicating the impact of donors’ contributions. We would encourage you to take the lead on a specific issue in your community, just as United Way of Central Ohio has done.