A Like on Facebook = $1 Donated

How do you encourage your community members to follow your United Way on Facebook or Twitter?

United Way of Washington County-East (Stillwater, Minnesota) told their community members if they liked them on Facebook, money would be donated to their United Way. Thanks to their sponsor (Computer Repair and Service of Stillwater), each new like equaled a dollar donated to United Way of Washington County-East for the month of June. This is a creative way of not only getting community members connected to your United Way, but of raising money as well!

United Way of Washington County-East promoted this opportunity on the homepage of their Web site and on their Facebook page. They had pictures of kids holding signs, saying “We need you! ‘Like’ us!” and teenage girls holding signs saying “Like us maybe?” referring to the popular song “Call Me Maybe.”

This is a great way to get people connected and following your United Way. Once your community members are following you, it is important to make a plan for what you will communicate. A few things you should be communicating on your Facebook page include:

  1. Your issue – Let your community members know what issue your United Way is addressing in the community. Are you addressing hunger, poverty, or graduation rates? Let them know the issue you are addressing, the actions you are taking to address the issue, and the results you are achieving in the community. People want to know how you are making a difference in your community.
  2. Volunteer opportunities – Inform your community members of volunteer opportunities at your United Way. Let them know how they can get involved in helping to address the issue you are focused on in your community. For example, if your issue is graduation rates, let them know how they can become a tutor in your community. It is important that you offer volunteer opportunities FOR your United Way and not THROUGH your United Way, in order for your community members to make a connection with your United Way.
  3. Opportunities for involvement – Give your community members opportunities to get involved with your United Way. Invite them to join a peer group, such as a Young Leaders Society or a Women’s Leadership Council. Share pictures and information about the fun events that these groups attend and the people involved. Get people excited about the opportunity to network and make a difference on a specific issue in your community.

Use your Facebook page as an opportunity to connect with and inform your community members. By keeping them informed of the issue you are addressing in your community and what they can do to help, you will not only build relationships, but will encourage people to want to get involved and contribute to your United Way.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

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