A Money Tree for United Way

We have always heard that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” But, with this new tool, we are not so sure anymore.

As a United Way, you need monetary aid to thrive and fund projects; you need bodies to fill volunteer slots. That is the nature of a nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, people often do not have extra money to give, or time to spare. However, Goodsearch.com, a Web site founded in 2006 and powered by Yahoo!, allows anyone with a computer to donate to your United Way for free. United Way of Benton and Franklin County (Kennewick, WA) is a wonderful example of a United Way that is benefiting from this Web site. See their numbers below:

United Way of Benton and Franklin County has used this tool to raise $785.87 and counting! That is 785 dollars and 87 cents that is raised by doing any of the following:

  • Searching on the Web: One cent per search
  • Shopping online: A percentage of the purchase donated
  • Dining out: A percentage of the purchase donated
  • Playing online games: One cent per play
  • Taking surveys: Up to $5.25 per survey

What I love about how United Way of Benton and Franklin County has used Goodsearch for their United Way is how they have implemented it as a part of their social media presence. At the bottom of their homepage, Goodsearch is listed, along with links to their Facebook and YouTube pages. While Goodsearch was created in 2006, it is just starting to gain momentum and many people do not know about it; placing it on your homepage is the perfect way for a curious eye to find it.

This is the perfect opportunity for your board, donors, volunteers, employees, and community members to help raise money for your United Way. It is as easy as setting employees’ homepages to Goodsearch, sending out an e-mail, or announcing at a meeting, and watching the numbers grow. Upon researching, I have found it interesting that numerous United Ways have registered for Goodsearch, but have not raised a significant amount. This is a simple and effective way to help your community get involved and invest in your United Way, even when they can’t financially support you. Go ahead – go take a branch off of the money tree; it’s free!