HUNGER Day of Action

Today marks the sixth annual United Way Day of Action. Is your United Way's Day of Action focused on an issue?

For this year’s Day of Action, United Way of Hancock County (Findlay, OH) is focused on the issue of hunger. United Way of Hancock County has a Halt Hunger Initiative with the goal of supporting local food program providers in their efforts to provide nutritious food to individuals and families in need of food assistance. They list their strategies and results on their Halt Hunger Web page and invite community members to join their Halt Hunger Initiative on Facebook.

United Way of Hancock County sent out a newsletter, informing people that June 21st was their Hunger Day of Action, and that many organizations in their county are feeding families, helping them achieve livable incomes, and educating them on the importance of nutrition. They also informed people that they can help out with these efforts right from their office, home, or phone.

UW of Hancock County's e-newsletter - Hunger Day of Action.JPG

As you participate in this year’s Day of Action, think about the impact you could make on an issue in your community.

It is so important that your United Way focuses on addressing an issue in your community. Your community members, donors, and volunteers want to support an issue – make sure you are informing them of an issue they can support.

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