Are You Sharing Results with Your Community?

Do your community members know the results your United Way is achieving in the community? Do you inform them of what your United Way is accomplishing throughout the year?

United Way Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) isn’t leaving their community members in the dark. They have put together a community update report with mid-year results. In this report, they inform their community of their goals, what they are doing to meet those goals, and the results they have achieved so far this year. United Way of Silicon Valley is showing their community how they are making a difference.

It is important to make sure you are communicating the results you are achieving in your community. United Way Silicon Valley made sure the information was getting out to their community, by posting the community update report on their Web site, blogging about it, posting about it on Facebook, and tweeting about it on Twitter. In order to reach everyone, you must use multiple methods of communication.

Your community members want to know the issues you are addressing, the actions you are taking to address the issues, and the results you are achieving in the community. Don’t leave them wondering what you are doing in the community – tell them how you are making an impact. Provide your community members with statistics, just as United Way Silicon Valley has done, to inform them of the good things you are doing in your community.

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