Shop & Give

Do you like shopping online? What if you had the opportunity to give, while you were shopping?

United Way California Capital Region (Sacramento, California) offers that opportunity through their Shop & Give Web site!

The “Shop & Give” process is easy, too! All you have to do is either select a deal/store on the Shop & Give Web site and you will be taken directly to the Web site for that deal/store or you can install the United Way Browser Button and you can just shop online the way you normally would (you don’t have to start at the Shop & Give Web site). If you have the browser button, it will notify you if the store you are shopping at participates. With both of these options, you can shop online, while giving to United Way! Every purchase generates a donation for United Way California Capital Region.

You can also save money by using Shop & Give. In return for the visibility and volume of purchases United Way can send the stores, special discounts and deals are made available. So, you will not only be donating to United Way, but also receiving deals on your online shopping orders!

This is such a simple way for people to give and for United Way to receive donations. Consider offering and promoting this method of giving to your community members and donors as a way for them to give outside of campaign, especially as the holiday season approaches and they are ready to shop and give!

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