Creative Marketing in Paper Valley

While traveling through Wisconsin to visit and work with United Ways, we stopped in Menasha, Wisconsin to meet with United Way Fox Cities. While in their meeting room, I noticed two very creative marketing pieces: Kleenex boxes. These Kleenex boxes were printed with the United Way logo, Live United, What Matters, a thank-you message, and United Way Fox Cities’ mission statement. How cool is that?! I was so excited to see such cool marketing pieces for United Way, that I immediately asked if we could snap a quick picture of them.

Check out United Way Fox Cities’ awesomeness below:

While this is a great marketing idea, we realize that getting Kleenex boxes printed with your United Way’s message on them might not be within your budget. But, an alternative option could be to print your United Way’s message on paper and tape it around the Kleenex boxes. You could print off a bunch of copies and send your volunteers out into the community to wrap your United Way’s message around Kleenex boxes in your office, workplaces that participate in your campaign, schools in your community, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you decide to spread your message on Kleenex boxes or have been inspired to spread your message in another creative way, I wish you the best of luck in getting your United Way’s message out there.

Happy Marketing,