Opportunities to Communicate Are All Around You

How are you communicating your United Way’s message? Are you using every opportunity that is available to you? You may not realize it, but an opportunity may be opening up right in front of you.

Last week, we were in South Carolina working with United Way of the Midlands and we noticed and liked this creative way of communicating United Way’s message.                                                                                                         

Inside their office, they have pictures and messages about United Way on each elevator door. There is a different picture and message on each level. We were inspired and hope you are, too.

We would encourage you to think about all of the unique ways you can communicate your United Way’s message – whether it be in your own office, out in the community, or in communication materials distributed to your donors.

Make an effort to communicate creatively, just as United Way of the Midlands has done, and do so often. By getting your message out in multiple ways, your community will gain awareness and understanding of your United Way, leading to an increase in interest and future donors and volunteers for your United Way.

We challenge you to come up with creative ideas to communicate your United Way’s message and to share them with us! Comment below or e-mail us a picture of what you’re doing – we would love to hear your ideas and share them with other United Ways. Let’s work together to spread the word about United Way across the country!

Happy Brainstorming,