Attract & Retain Donors

The Challenges

United Ways are watching their donor pool shrink as long-time donors retire and workplace campaigns get smaller. Attracting donors is harder than ever as there is increasing competition for donors’ attention and the younger generation expresses little interest in supporting United Way. To ensure long-term sustainability and relevance, United Ways must overcome these challenges to attract and retain donors.

The Solution

Attracting and retaining donors requires not just clearer marketing or greater incentives to give to United Way but offering ample opportunities for donors and community members to engage with United Way outside of workplace campaigns. Attracting and retaining donors requires engagement opportunities that are customized to meet the needs of the demographics you are targeting. United Ways we have worked with have successfully employed strategies like issue-based affinity groups and direct volunteering opportunities to attract and retain donors.

If you want to attract more donors and maintain strong relationships with the donors you already have, we’re here to help you.

Next Steps

Explore our services below or contact us to learn how you can begin attracting and retaining donors today.

Donor and Community Research
You can learn how to best attract new donors, win back old donors, and retain your current donors by understanding their needs and perceptions, which you can learn from our donor and community research.

Our webinars cover a variety of topics that will help your United Way attract and retain donors, including connecting with the next generation of donors, affinity groups, and what donors expect from United Way.

Strategic Planning
Attracting and retaining donors requires United Way to utilize new strategies that can be planned to be implemented successfully using our strategic planning process.

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