Achieve Maximum Results

The Challenges

Some United Ways measure their success by the amount of money raised and distributed to partner agencies, while others measure their success by progress made impacting their community. With challenges like open campaigns and younger donors not understanding what United Way does, raising money as a United Way isn’t as easy as it used to be. Likewise, tracking a United Way’s overall impact can be just as challenging when each funded program has a different outcome. To remain relevant in the community and maintain the support of donors, United Ways need to continually produce impressive results or achieve measurable outcomes.

The Solution

However your United Way defines success, achieving maximum results requires streamlining your efforts to pursue your goals in the most effective way possible. The key to streamlining your efforts is having a clear sense of purpose. With a clear sense of purpose, you are able to focus your efforts on activities that support your goals and larger purpose. United Ways we have worked with have defined a clear purpose and set specific goals, resulting in laser-focused impact/investment, resource development, and marketing/engagement efforts to achieve maximum results.

If your United Way is ready to maximize its impact in the community or the amount of money it raises, we’re here to help you.

Next Steps

Explore our services below or contact us to learn how you can begin maximizing the results of your efforts today:

Strategic Planning
From determining your purpose to selecting your bold goals to planning how your organization needs to evolve, our strategic planning process will guide your United Way to a clear purpose and goals to achieve maximum results.

Issue Focus Transformation
If your United Way wants to evolve your work from raising money for partner agencies to deeply impacting social issues in a measurable way, we can help you adopt an issue focus with our issue focus transformation services.

Donor & Community Research
Donors expect to know the results of their contribution to your United Way, and our research provides you with the information you need to meet your donors’ expectations.

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