Focusing on United Ways

Perspectives was founded in 1987 and at that time, we worked with any organization, from banks and governments to nonprofits and United Ways. In 2008, we stopped working with corporations because we enjoyed the work we were doing with nonprofits and United Ways so much more. We knew that we were helping to make a difference and that nonprofits and United Ways genuinely appreciated and valued our services.

It did not take us long to realize that United Ways were significantly different from other nonprofits. Working with more and more United Ways and speaking at United Way conferences about our work deepened our passion for United Ways.

We believe in the good work United Ways are doing by bringing the community together and that every United Way has the potential to make a significant impact in their community. We believe every United Way should be able to measurably demonstrate their impact and that United Ways should be doing everything they can to maximize their impact.

We enjoy working with you because:

  • Your passion to make a difference inspires our passion for United Ways
  • You will appreciate and benefit from what we have to offer
  • It is rewarding to help you think outside of the box, and we bring new ideas and energy to the table
  • Every day we have the opportunity to share best practices and research results with you, based on our work with dozens of United Ways
  • Each United Way is unique and we enjoy customizing our work to meet your needs

At Perspectives, we work solely with United Ways, maximizing your impact, resources, and communication.

GREAT ORGANIZATION! I would highly recommend Perspectives to any United Way seeking strategic planning services and customized donor research.
— Rodney Prunty, President and Chief Professional Officer at United Way of Racine County

Our Manifesto

We love United Ways – we always have, and we always will.

But, we do not believe United Ways exist to:

  • Fundraise for local nonprofit organizations
  • Pass-through donors’ designations
  • Group partner agencies into categories, like education, income, and health

We believe United Ways exist to:

  • Impact local issues and needs
  • Identify and fund programs and strategies that create meaningful change
  • Convene and lead donors, volunteers, and organizations to make a difference in the community

We exist to:

  • Help United Ways that want to impact their community
  • Provide consulting for United Ways to successfully transition to an issue focus
  • Guide United Ways in maximizing their impact, resources, and communication

If you believe, as we believe, that your United Way exists to impact your community, we will help you succeed.