About Us

Perspectives Consulting Group, Inc. is a Michigan-based research and consulting firm that has been working with United Ways across the United States since 1989. Based on years of research and experience working with United Ways, we developed the Issue Focus Model – the answer for United Ways seeking long-term relevance, sustainability, and impactfulness. Since 2015, Perspectives has focused exclusively on working with United Ways to help them successfully transform to an issue focus.


Our History

1987: Perspectives was founded. At that time, we worked with any organization, from banks to governments to nonprofits, including United Ways.


2008: We stopped working with corporations because we enjoyed the work we were doing with nonprofits so much more. We knew that we were helping to make a difference and that nonprofits genuinely appreciated and valued our services.

2010: It did not take us long to realize that United Ways were significantly different from the other nonprofits we were working with. Working more frequently with United Ways and speaking at United Way conferences about our work deepened our passion for United Ways.

2015 Perspectives Logo.jpg

2015: We transitioned to working exclusively with United Ways. We believe every United Way has the potential to significantly impact its community, and we wanted to focus all our efforts on helping United Ways maximize this potential.

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NOW: We have fully developed the playbook for transforming to an issue focus. Using our playbook's strategies, we guide United Ways to become relevant, sustainable, and impactful now and in the future.


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